Management Consulting

Management consulting is a broad and mature industry that plays an integral role in the development of successful businesses.  Business Computer Sewrvices is dedicated to articulating the professionalism, diversity and the value-add of management consulting.  Through our team of Management Consultants, we help organisations improve their performance primarily through the analysis  of existing problems and the deveopment of plans for improvemet.  Our team of consulstants:

  • Have broad experience having had first hand experience in the Private, Public, and Educations sectors. The consultants do possess specialsit knowledge in each of the sectors described above, and know what keeps the executives and managers awake at night as they examine their options in solving their most vexing problems
  • Leadership: Specialist knowledge and practical experience provide the platform on which  our consultants build their credibility  as a justification for having unambiguous, authoritative opinions.
  • Skills Transfer: We are of the view that clients hire consultants because the clients are lacking skills in certain areas.  Our approach therefore is to leave our clients better equipped than when we first arrived through improving management capability.  Our firm belief is that there should be no dependency culture, in which the client returns repeatedly to us for the same work.

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